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Image courtesy of Nataly Valenzuela

Image courtesy of Nataly Valenzuela

Life has a funny way of making you pay attention to the things that truly matter.
— Nataly Valenzuela said after recalling the time when life took a pivotal turn.

It was about five years ago that Nataly, social media reporter, television host, and radio personality, found herself at a stagnant point in her life. She was working a job that was nowhere near what she intended to do, and she was in a relationship that had long run its course. But her wake-up call came after a routine checkup when she was diagnosed with mild cervical dysplasia, (this is when cells change in the cervix and could potentially lead to cervical cancer if left untreated).    

“I knew I had to do something, I needed to change things up in my life.”

Fearing the removal of the abnormal cells would damage her reproductive organs, Valenzuela rejected her doctors procedural recommendation and decided to take a more natural approach to a path of wellness. She embarked on a holistic lifestyle, a lifestyle that pushed and helped her turn the wheels of her life again. She began working out, and completely changed her diet. She started the raw diet regimen, and she eventually became vegan. Valenzuela also began meditating, and became a Buddhist practitioner.

I did everything in a year to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally because at the time, I realized my emotional and mental health were contributing to my physical health.
— Nataly Valenzuela

At the six-month marked her condition hadn’t gotten worse but it hadn’t improved either. This did not deterred her, she continued with her new lifestyle. Her relationship with her boyfriend at the time became strained and eventually ended. A little after the break-up she decided to quit her unsatisfactory job.

“I realized that it is not just about what you eat but it’s also about everything else in your life… My job and the relationship I had with this guy was the very thing that catapulted me into being unhappy.”

Her lifestyle changed, coupled with fitness, it improved her health and outlook to life. A year the cervical dysplasia had vanished. She says this was the result of, “Combining physical, mental emotional, and nutritional health.”

Nataly decided to take a program to become certified as a holistic health coach. She also created a blog, where she blogs about living well. “It’s about putting yourself in the rhythm of the universe… and helping others.”

Taking on this type of lifestyle was uncharted territory for Nataly. The T.V. host and radio personality battled with self esteem and body image issues most of her life, something that dates back to her teen years. “I remember feeling sad and being depressed because I was picked on because of my weight.”

In her blog, she talks about trying every diet pill, starving herself and even making herself throw up after meals. She said it only happened once or twice because, “I was so grossed out by it that I never did it again.”  

While in high school, she worked at the dean’s office, one day the dean asked her what she wanted to do when she grew-up. Nataly replied, she wanted to be an actress, something she wanted to do since she could remember. You know you have to lose 20 pounds or more, and actresses smoke to reduce appetite, her dean told her. She remembers feeling devastated hearing those words from the dean, but she this did not deterred from her dream and she was determined to make it happen.

Nataly studied communications and theater, but she soon realized, she didn’t want to pursue acting anymore after a friend introduced her to the world of radio.

She’s currently a social media reporter for Time Warner Cable, where she covers the Los Angeles Lakers and the L.A. Galaxy. She’s also a T.V. host for Unimas’ Lanzate and a radio personality for K-Love. But how does she managed her holistic lifestyle and the superficiality side of her job?

She says there have been instances where she’s had producers suggested her to lose weight and former coworkers commenting on what type of shoes she should wear and the type of car she should drive.

She says, “I just don't let it affect me. I stay grounded, and try to stay true to myself. I still have an issue with food but this is something I constantly work on.”

As a social media reporter, she sees how social media can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Nataly added, “There is a subculture of young girls being half naked and telling other younger girls how they should look like.”

This lead Nataly to start a social media campaign, #lovebeyond. She says the entire idea behind the campaign is to promote empowerment and encourage women, especially young women to 

love themselves beyond anything else.
— Nataly Valenzuela

[This article was originally created and published for ChicaFresh]