Rubi Martinez is a communications professional with close to a decade of experience working at the intersection of media and politics. She has proven success in developing strategies to highlight and catalyze broader impact utilizing traditional and digital media channels.

Rubi has built a successful career in journalism working for large to medium-size markets, in both English and Spanish-language T.V. news organizations. As a journalist, Rubi has interviewed fascinating individuals, covered historical events, and led a top-rated newscast. Her work in the field earned her an Emmy Award nomination from the Television Academy.

In 2016, Rubi left the newsroom to work in national politics. She soon learned that her passion for storytelling, advocacy—along with her background as a journalist, her deep understanding for Latino/millennial audiences, and her fascination for emerging digital tools, have led her to successfully elevate narratives and catalyze a broader impact for the projects she takes on.

She now helps elevate the mission of organizations and individuals trying to make a difference in the world.

Rubi migrated from Mexico to the U.S. at a young age, she was raised in Los Angeles and is a first-generation college graduated—she received a journalisms degree from California State University in Northridge.